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New Site Launched: Off the Wall Indoor Soccer

New Site Launched: Off the Wall Indoor Soccer


Omaha, NE - Over two decades ago, Off the Wall Indoor Soccer was built by Tim and Theresa Gillespie to provide indoor soccer to the Omaha Community.  For much of this time, the business relied on an old FrontPage website to provide information such as game schedules to their soccer community.  

Today marks a milestone in the business as the old website is replaced by a new site built by Expert Approach, Inc.  This new web site was built using the DNN Content Management system to enable Tim and Theresa to manage their website as easily as they managed their old website.  This modern site also provides a platform for future development of database and document management allowing soccer players to sign waivers using tablets.  Essentially, it takes Off the Wall to a place where they can be competitive online.

Jennifer Gillespie of will provide day-to-day social media marketing for the business.  She will also run and manage marketing campaigns aimed at increasing sales while providing effective communication with their clientele. 

Almost immediately after the site was launched, requests started coming in from businesses wanting to reserve facility time.

We look forward to seeing the prosperous future of  Off the Wall Indoor Soccer.