Web & Mobile

Web Systems

We develop fully functioning systems, integrated with your back office, making your business more efficient and more productive... and increasing profitability.

Desktop Systems

We have the knowledge and expertise to modify your current systems to make them perform the way you want and better or build a custom system based on your specific needs.

Mobile Systems

There are so many applications for Mobile Systems but many companies don’t know what can be done or how to implement them. We do.  


Expert Approach is a full service development company. Whether you have a current program that isn't meeting your needs but may just need tweaking, or you have an idea of what you want but there's nothing out there, we can help... from modifying a system you currently use to creating a custom program based on your specific needs and wants.


We will spend time with you fully discussing what you want.We work with you to determine your business needs. We research and investigate to determine if there is a program to meet your needs or whether something custom is appropriate. We then structure a solution based on your specifics. This includes Web Systems, Desktop Systems, and Mobile Systems.


Give us a call at 605-660-9968 or email us at info@ExpertApproach.com. We'd love to work with you!




An engaging design, appropriate for your market and audience, can make the difference between someone taking the time to go past your entry page to look through your site… or leave to go elsewhere.


We develop systems that function. You can have a fabulous looking site but, if it doesn’t work, doesn’t work quickly, doesn’t give your users what they seek, or doesn’t give you what you need, it won’t be successful.

Content Strategy/Copywriting

What is the message you want to convey? What is your intended market? How is your information best showcased? There is so much to consider. We work with you to develop a strategic plan on what content, how much content, and the flow of that content.


At Expert Approach, our marketing department will develop a plan of action, based on your goals. You can have a beautifully designed, highly functioning site but if no one knows your there, you won’t reach your goals. That is why we address marketing in the design process, not as an afterthought.


Multimedia is the use of text, graphics, animation, video, and audio to convey a message.

Mobile Sites

Do you want a stand-alone entity, designed for smart phones and tablets with content tailored specifically for the mobile user, or mobile site that retains the content and flow of your desktop version? Whether you want a mobile site that redirects after detection or one that is responsive, Expert Approach has the knowledge and expertise to meet your goals.

Application Development

Expert Approach can automate your company's business processes and create functional, intuitive tools. Our experts are proficient in a variety of popular programming languages, database platforms and legacy systems.

Business Development

Your website may be running smoothly “online” but you need tools for managing data and for better back office support. There may be processes we can automate, increasing productivity and saving you time and money.

Content Management

With a CMS, you do not need a knowledge of HTML or other internet programming languages. Our CMS programs are intuitive and many of the functions mimic word processing programs. Dependent upon your needs, some functions may be more advanced. For this, we also provide tutorials and training.


Whatever level of security is needed for your business, Expert Approach can help you determine the best plan and then implement it. You wouldn’t leave your business place unlocked and unattended so don’t leave your website “open” either.


We can work in a consultant capacity if you use an advertising firm or have an internal advertising and marketing department. We bring to the table a different slant on things, things that traditional media experts may not take into account.


Your hosting platform depends on what you want your site to accomplish. This can include the type of functionality you want and how much bandwidth you’ll need. At Expert Approach, we offer hosting but we can work with your current provider or set you up with your own server. We will help you determine which solution is best for you.

Website Analytics

Without site traffic tracking and analysis, it is difficult to tell what is working and why. Maybe more importantly, what is not working and why.


Site upkeep and updating are extremely important, not only for your users but for the search engines. Keeping your content fresh is imperative to a successful site.