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CHS Student Begins in Gifted Mentorship Program

When it comes to helping out the local community, we are all in. We started this summer in working with an Eagle River High School Senior who gained basic experience as a web developer through our Get Started in the Web Development Program (GSITWDP). We are continuing our community involvement by participating in the ASD Gifted Mentorship Program. Today, a high school senior from Chugiak High School spent the day discussing technology with Expert Approach CEO LD Herrera. This may be the beginning of an exciting career in technology for a local academic star. We look forward to seeing her development.

From the ASD Mentor Guide:

Students who participate in this program benefit in multiple ways. They develop skills that cannot be taught at such a challenging level in their high schools, as well as gain experience in a potential career field. Additionally, students improve their confidence, personal empowerment, self-knowledge, and make clearer connections between work and school. Many students report increased motivation to achieve, a matured sense of responsibility, and a better understanding of their true potentials. Most students leave their mentorships feeling inspired by their mentors.

Anchorage School District’s Gifted Mentorship Program has provided services to gifted students for more than 20 years and grows steadily each year. All Anchorage secondary schools are served by this program in order to meet the advanced needs of gifted students that are not provided for in the regular school curriculum. Students must apply to this program, and acceptance is based on the following:

  • 92nd percentile or higher on a national standardized test

  • Excellent recommendations by two teachers or supervisors

  • Transcript showing high GPA and advanced coursework

  • Interest, motivation, and commitment by the student

The mentorship is modeled after a college-style internship; the student is paired with a professional or expert in his/her area of career interest. This provides students with “real world” experience and application of their talents and skills, enabling them to make decisions regarding career and college choices.

For questions, please contact:

Mentorship Coordinator - Gifted Education ASD Education Center 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99504


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